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Baby Bubbles Bubbles was adopted by Jane Ferguson and her husband Cary Nathan after they fell in love with piglets at the state fair. The couple researched owning a pig but realized that a domestic farm pig was not an option because they can become very large, 500-600 pounds or more. Pot bellied pigs stay fairly small and can be kept inside the home if necessary and if possible. Jane and Cary have a true love of animals and have several pets as a result.

Jane and her husband, Cary, adopted Bubbles through a rescue shelter called Pig Harmony in Acton, CA. There are many pigs available for adoption and as cute as they are, Jane and Cary would encourage anyone to do their research before adopting any pet. A pig may not be the right pet for everyone.

Many people are unaware how intelligent pigs really are. Bubbles is very observant and like a child she may pick up on things on her own and then do them. She was able to figure out how to open kitchen cabinets and close them. The part of the story where Bubbles raids the kitchen is true. She opened the kitchen cabinets and helped herself to what ever she could find. Fortunately she has not figured out how to open the refrigerator, yet.

Bubbles is happy pig and like most pigs very curious. She has her own pink room with her own princess blanket adorned with crowns in the Ferguson-Nathan home where she sleeps.

Bubbles was an inspiration for Jane. So much of an inspiration that she decided to write a story about her.

The book, while fictional, is based on a few real life events that Bubbles has encountered. And because Bubbles is constantly finding new adventures, it would be no wonder if Jane decided to write another story on her adventures.

I hope you like Bubbles story. – J.M. Ferguson
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